The Distal Humerus is silver coated with the option of a cemented or cementless humeral stem fixation or ulna anchorage.

The minium humeral resection is 50mm and the distal humerus is compatible with the proximal Ulna system.


Product details


Tumours in the area of the distal humerus

implatan®; TiAl6V4 according to ISO 5832-3
implavit®; CoCrMo according to ISO 5832-4

implaFix® Duo; cpTi- and HA-coating according to ISO 13779-2
implaFix® HA; HA-coating according to ISO 13779-2

System components:

  • Distal Humerus 50mm or 30mm cementless and cemented
  • Ulna anchorage: cementless and cemented
  • Humerus extension piece
  • Combination with the Proximal Ulna is another option

Reconstruction length:
From 30mm for short component and from 60mm with Distal Humerus component

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