The GenuX MK Revision Knee System offers bone preserving resection levels why the unique coupling mechanism preserves the kinematics of the knee as opposed to the traditional use of an axle pin.

The modularity allows for the use of cementless or cemented stems with 360 degree offset capabilities for the Femur and Tibia.


Product details

Constrained revision knee replacement, also with large bone defects.

implatan®; TiAl6V4 according to ISO 5832-3
implavit®; CoCrMo according to ISO 5832-4
UHMW-PE according to ISO 5834-2

TiN-coating (cemented stems, tibial and femoral component; optional)
implaFix® HA; HA-coating according to ISO 13779-2 (cementless stems; optional)

System components:

5 sizes of GenuX® MK femoral components, cemented and cementless
GenuX® MK stem cemented and cementless (lengths 125 mm – 250 mm)
4 sizes of GenuX® MK tibial component cemented and cementless
4 GenuX® MK offset adapter (0mm, 2mm, 4mm and 6 mm)

Implant length:
≥ 125mm tibial and femoral

5-20 mm tibial unicondylar,
25-45 mm tibial bicondylar
femoral distal and posterior 5 and 10mm

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