The Mini-Monster Solid Screw System offers a solid option to the established cannulated Mini-Monster Screw System line.

This all-inclusive system offers implant diameters of 2.7 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm with lengths ranging from 10-60 mm, appropriate for selected screw diameter. All implants are offered in partial and fully threaded options. Instrumentation also provides the necessities for a cannulated or non-cannulated approach for fixation.


Key Features

Design Rationale

The instrumentation to support the Mini-Monster Solid Screw System was a major consideration of the Paragon 28 design team. The goal of instrument design was to maximize surgeon comfort and ease of use. Mini-Monster Solid Screws can be placed using either a solid screw or cannulated screw technique. Solid drill design includes a “trocar” style tip to help reduce skiving at shallow drill angles. A holding sleeve is offered to help retain the 2.7 mm screw in the driver during insertion.



  • 10-20mm: 1mm increments
  • 22-40mm: 2mm increments


  • 10-50mm: 2mm increments


  • 12-50mm: 2mm increments
  • 55-60mm: 5mm increments
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